Terms and Conditions

TermsGenerally it is assumed that anyone who accesses this site is willing to abide by the different terms of the site. Anyone who doesn’t abide to the different policies of the site is prohibited from accessing the site and all its contents. The different contents in are protected by the copyrights and trademarks laws.

Use of license

All users of the site have been granted the permission to download different contents of the site such as samples and other sorts of information that they may need. Users are not allowed to use the contents they have downloaded for commercial purposes. Despite being given the grant to copy or download different contents, the grant of the license does not allow;

  • Use the material for commercial purposes
  • Modify the information downloaded
  • Transfer the materials to other people


Users are informed that not all contents linked to have been reviewed, and therefore, using contents linked to the site is all at the user’s risk.



The different contents in the site are provided just as they are. The site does not provide customers with any warranties, and as a result disclaims all sorts of warranties that include; implied warranties, non-infringement of intellectual property and many others. The site doesn’t also warrant representing any issues concerning the reliability of the different data in the site.


Policy modification

The site is allowed to revise its policies at any time it deems necessary. Any person using the site is always assumed to be abiding to the different policies of the site.


Governing law

All complaints regarding shall be governed by the law of the state. Users are also informed that the general policies of the site also apply.


Privacy policy

The site assures its users that all their information will be recorded and stored safely away from unauthorized persons. The information will only be accessed by senior administrators of the site, and used only when it is necessary.


Refund policy

As a service providing site, we assure our customers of reliable services that satisfy their immediate needs. In case we fail to deliver our promise, then all customers will be entitled to ask for refunds of the money they paid in order to receive a particular service. This refund law is mainly for the purpose of assuring our customers that working with us offers them no chances of making any losses.

Terms on content and use

  • Clients ordering custom essays, thesis proposals, dissertation proposals, dissertations, research papers, thesis and research proposals have obligation to use them in the manner they wish. However, we retain copyrights for documents forwarded to you.
  • We expect clients to respect copyright laws much as we do. We are a legal custom writing company or essay writing company and hence, bound by the copyright laws when providing custom essays, thesis proposals, dissertation proposals, dissertations, research papers, thesis and research proposals.
  • As far as content for custom essays, thesis proposals, dissertation proposals, dissertations, research papers, thesis and research proposals is clear, in right language and understandable language, it is the responsibility of clients to understand content.
  • Students are solely responsible for poor grades as a result of failure to submit whole or part of instructions or provide accurate details regarding order.
  • Clients have responsibility to assess and check that custom essays, thesis proposals, dissertation proposals, dissertations, research papers, thesis and research proposals submitted meet their requirements and demands. Achieving low grades for failure to do this is students’ responsibility and not company’s.
  • If customers make late modifications to instructions after approval of order, it is their responsibility to allow more time to fulfill the obligation. Students (not company) are responsible for achieving low grades because of such modifications.

Terms and Conditions relating to Services

  • All custom essays, thesis proposals, dissertation proposals, dissertations, research papers, thesis and research proposals ordered at are purely INTENDED FOR RESEARCH and no other application shall be deemed acceptable.
  • Student customers must confirm that no school rules and regulations bar them from consulting, our subsidiaries or services. You are responsible for any consequences on violation of these rules and regulations, or any moral issues arising therein.
  • We admit responsible for late submissions, but do all the best to avoid it. We have installed reserve generator at site to work out power failures. We also have reserve internet connections to avoid giving clients unnecessary reasons for late submission. We plan time well and reach clients where possibility for late submission is eminent. We also have mechanisms such as penalizing those delivering papers late.
  • We have responsibility for plagiarized papers and do what we can to revise the papers. We also expect clients to respect laws and regulations regarding plagiarism.
  •  We do free revisions. A deadline of seven days exists, within which you must request for revision, except for cases of dissertations, thesis and papers with longer duration. These have a cap of 21 days for requesting revisions. Revisions, and free revisions for that matter, are guaranteed on explanations of what writers did not achieve.
  • You have refund rights if the paper is not written at all or in grievous poor quality, as well as according to other stipulations in the money back guarantee. The refund is delivered via means of payment used to pay for the services.
  •  All responsibility accruing from poor services, failure of services, interruptions among many other issues of ‘failure’, must not have an appended cost exceeding the initially paid money, where we accept to pay back or compensate clients.

How our website is used

  • We assume clients agree to terms and conditions of use of website on visiting or clicking on our website. Such include those of fair use, restrain from denying others services (restrain from denial of services), respect to other visitors’ rights of use of website and respect to privacy and confidentiality laws.

Regarding clients who violate terms and conditions

  • We reserve right to punish anyone violating terms and conditions stipulated herein. We may, in consultation or without consultation, suspend, punish, deny service, deny access for anyone violating the terms established.


  • We offer legal custom writing services to clients, and responsibly. Our services and practices are under jurisdiction of law courts in the United States of America regarding arising disputes and need for settlement of issues. Such courts have jurisdiction over terms and conditions listed herein.


  • These terms and conditions may have limitations and exclusions covered by provisions under laws of United States of America.